How to Dehydrate Without a Dehydrator

Chickpeas and Change

***Check out my UPDATED “How to Dehydrate without a Dehydrator” post for even more effective oven-dehydrating directions!***

As I’ve lamented time and time again, I do not own a dehydrator. I can’t effectively draw moisture out of kale chips, juice pulp crackers, or seed-based flatbreads. I can’t set my machine to 115° and let it whir for hours on end. I can’t attend the seances or vegetable-drying fiestas I know all those raw food bloggers host. I can’t call myself a true raw foodie.

But you know what? Raw food doesn’t have to mean shelling out big bucks for specialized equipment like dehydrators, Vita-Mixes, or juicers. If I want to produce slightly more cooked versions of classic raw dishes then by jove, I will, and the dehydrating police can’t stop me!

After weeks of sighing and exiting out of browser windows featuring recipes for raw flax crackers and the like…

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